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  • Frith Manor School

    Some photos of the school.

  • World Book Day 

    Frith Manor Celebrates Reading.    

  • Dads' Breakfast   

    Reception host breakfast for Dads'   

  • Year 5 Aztec Day

    Year 5 learn about Aztec life.  

  • Year 1 Trip  




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Welcome to Frith Manor Primary School, 

Frith Manor is an exciting, stimulating and fun environment for children to begin a life long learning experience and journey in education. 

We want children to develop good social and personal skills so that they become confident and develop a positive self esteem. 

We offer a creative curriculum, where innovative learning is very much at the centre.  Using a theme of enquiry approach makes learning meaningful and fun. Often this is led by pupil questions. The arts and in particular music are valued highly and help to enrich our curriculum. 

Community cohesion is extremely important . With 710 pupils,  good home and school links are vital.  We aim to develop strong relations to ensure the very best for each child.

For families considering Frith Manor at Nursery and Reception entry, weekly tours are offered.  Please contact the school directly for more information.




18th March: Y3 heat ‘Frith Manor Bake Off’

26th March: Y3 recorder concert 10am for parents

27th March: Through the Door Thursday'


1st April: Y6 heat 'Frith Manor Bake Off'

4th April: Last day of term

22nd April: Start of Summer Term

22nd April: Y1 phonics screening meeting 2.45pm

29th April: Y5 heat 'Frith Manor Bake Off'


1st May: 'Through the door Thursday'

1st May: Nursery mums' day

5th May: Bank holiday - school closed

7th May: PTA Circus Event

8th May: Nursery 'Walk and Talk'

8th May: Reception trip to the Science Museum

12th May: SATs week (Y6)

12th May: Nursery Jobs Week

13th May: Y4 heat Frith Manor Bake Off

20th May: Nursery Dads' Breakfast

20th May: KS2 'Bake Off' final

21st May: Y5/6 trip to War Horse

26th May: Half Term


3rd June: Reception 'Bake Off'

6th June: Class Photos

9th June: Knapp House (Y6 school journey)

10th June: KS1 'Bake Off' final 

16th June: Y4 trip

16th June: Y1 phonics screening check (3 days)

17th June: School Music Concert

17th June: Nursery Mums' and Nans' Day

25th June: Arts Depot concert (choir)