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Frith Manor School

James's Lunchtime Football Club


 Football with James with children of similar ages.

Clubs are run at lunchtimes and after school.  This page is for the Lunchtime sessions.

The cost is £50 per half term.

Who Runs This Club

Genesis Sports Club Lunchtime Football

Who Can Join This Club

 This club is suitable for children in Y1&2 or Y3&4  or Y5&6

When Does This Club Run

Lunchtime Football Club

Mondays for years 1 and 2,

Tuesdays for years 3 and 4

Friday for years 5 and 6 

Additional Information

 You can register for this club by 

Complete online application form

or by contacting James at:

Genesis Sports Club 

Telephone: 07848017650



lunchtime football autumn second half.pdf