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Frith Manor School

Year 1

Year Group Curriculum Outline || Year Group Homework || Year Group Timetable || Year Group Blog

Year Group Curriculum Outline

Here we provide details of the curriculum for the Year Group

Read our Year 1 Curriculum Overview for 2022-23

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Welcome to Year 1 Meeting Presentation

Here is a copy of the presentation that was shared with parents in the 'Welcome to Year 1' parents meeting -13 September 2022.


 Introduction to Google Classroom for KS1

This booklet guides you through using Google Classroom.


Year Group Homework

We will use Google Classroom to share homework.

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Year Group Timetable 

This timetable is to help you organise yourselves at home ready for each school day.

Day Amber Cinnamon

Reading Books to be brought in to be swapped

Reading Books to be brought into be swapped




Friday PE - kit needed PE - kit needed

View an example KS1 In Class Timetable

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