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Frith Manor School

International School Microsite

Frith Manor fosters an international dimension in its curriculum offering.  We develop a global understanding within our community in many ways.

In our front entrance we have a display board which celebrates our diverse community. This display is changed regularly with involvement from children and parents to reflect our multi-cultural nature. 

Summer fair always has an international flavour

International  food events. 

International Day where parents came into school to share their culture with the children. Sushi making workshop. African drumming workshop Iranian Santur demonstration.  The day culminated in a show where we were treated to traditional dances, songs and music by children, parents and representatives from local communities. 

Carnival as part of our celebrations for Black History Month.

We have a link with a school in France.  Last year we exchanged a package of Easter cards and greetings and also an exchange of information about our respective schools.  We took part in two joint virtual lessons with year 6 classes and in the near future,  post-covid, would like to do a face to face visit.  The partnership is only in its infancy but we hope that it will lead to further collaborative work between the schools, more joint virtual lessons and possibly visits.

International School Activities

Our Partner Schools

German Partner School

This year several of our Year 6 children have produced teaching materials for our partner school in Berlin, Germany.  Many children have exchanged letters with the German children and lots of new friendships have developed.

French Partner School

We have participated in lots of exciting projects with our partner school in Calais, France.  In addition to exchanging cards at Christmas and Easter, children had great fun producing a video about Frith Manor.  We also enjoyed watching the video from the French school – we learnt so much about going to school in France.  Year 6 children have all exchanged several letters with their French penpals – we hope that this correspondence will continue to flourish!

We have lots of exciting plans for next year!  Watch this space.

French Penpals

Ghanaian Partner School

We have begun working with a school in Accra, Ghana and hope that this will lead to many exciting projects in the future.

Christmas Cards for France Competition 2023

Children were invited to create a Christmas card to be sent to our partner school in France. The gallery below shows the beautiful, creative cards that were created. The winning entries have been sent to France and children were rewarded with certificates and prizes for their fantastic efforts.

Christmas card competition 2023


International Day 2023 - 29th June

International day was an opportunity for children, parents and staff to share their cultures and heritage.  Everybody came to school dressed in their national costume or in clothes in the colour of their national flag.  In the morning, everybody made a flag of their country and then children were treated to a range of activities lead mostly by parent volunteers.  They made sushi, prepared Greek dolmades, learnt Spanish, listened to stories, tried their hand at Japanese calligraphy, learnt some Turkish dancing and found out about lots of different countries and cultures.

 At lunchtime, they had the chance to try some different foods in the canteen’s Internationally themed lunch.  After lunch, they danced and sang in the playground to an international playlist organised by our very own DJ, Mr Athanasi.

 After lunch the playground became a sea of flags as everybody gathered together.  Each year group walked the red carpet to show off their amazing outfits.  We were treated to performances from our school choir and also from children from Bishop Douglass Secondary School.  The afternoon ended with an energetic whole-school dance and a rousing performance of Wavin’ Flag as children returned to their classrooms.  A great day was had by all!

International Day 2023


International Day 2023 - Afternoon Celebrations


Children's Comments About International Day 2023 and Other International Events This Year

Parent's Comments About International Day 2023 and Other International Events This Year


My Week In China

Year 5 children enjoyed an intensive week of online Chinese lessons .  They learnt so much in such a short time.  Here is what they thought about the week…

Black History Month



Levi Tafari Visit

Poet Levi Tafari visited.  Here is a gallery showing him sharing his poetry.

Levi Tafari Visit 2022

The Big Draw

Every  class/year group in the school developed artwork linked to different artists as a starting point for the Big Draw theme ‘Come Back to Colour’.

Jackson Pollock || Yayoi Kusama || Keith Haring || Romero Britto

Henri Matisse || Alma Thomas ||  Kehinde Wiley || Frida Kahlo || Gilbert Baker

Take a look at some of the amazing artwork produced.

Big Draw 2022

Chinese New Year - January 2023

Frith Manor celebrated the Chinese New Year – The Year of The Rabbit – in style.  Children came to school dressed in red or wearing Rabbit Ears.  We even had our very own dragon parade. Take a look at how we celebrated.

Chinese New Year 2023

An Introduction to Frith Manor 2022/23 For Our French Partner School

Language Ambassadors at Frith Manor created a video to show our school to our French partner school.  The ambassadors scripted, filmed and edited the film you see below.


International Christmas Competition 2022

Children were invited to create a document that explained how the festive period in December is celebrated in cultures important to them.  The gallery below shows many of the wonderful entries made.  Children were rewarded with certificates and books for their endeavours.

International Christmas 2022

Children across the school were invited to create a document that showcased how Christmas-time is marked across the world. This gallery shows many of the entries received.