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Frith Manor School

Learning in Year 1 to Year 6

In Year 1 to Year 6, the school curriculum is based on the statutory National Curriculum, 2014.

National Curriculum

For a general guide that breaks down what children should be learning in each year group, read this parent guide to the national curriculum.

Teachers base their yearly planning on the National Curriculum objectives and most children achieve these objectives by the end of that academic year.

Our year group Curriculum Outlines give an overview of what the children will be learning each term. These are available in the Year Group curriculum pages.

Curriculum Subjects at Frith Manor

For an overview of teaching and learning in each subject at Frith Manor, click on the subject areas below. 

You will find our detailed subject guides at the bottom of this page. These guides outline the key outcomes and intended learning in each year group for each subject area. 




  • Art and Design
  • Computing
  • Design and Technology
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
    Personal, Social, Health Education & Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • RSE
    Relationship and Sex Education
  • Religious Education
  • Science



Frith Manor Subject Guides

The Frith Manor Subject Guides map out coverage and progression across each individual areas of the National Curriculum. They outline the key outcomes and intended learning for each year group in each subject. 

Art and Design





More subjects coming soon