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Frith Manor School

Hiring Our Facilities

Please get in touch with the School Office if you are would like to discuss letting some of our school spaces.  The facilities we have on offer and typical hire rates are described belwo.

Images of Frith Manor Facilities

Deposits will be taken. £50, refundable if booking does not over run and/or no damage occurs to school property.



                                      Hourly Letting Charges:

                                                                       (Starting from September 2024)             

                   School Weekday                                         Weekends(Saturday/Sunday)
8am-6pm 6pm-8pm 8pm-Midnight 8am-6pm 6pm-8pm 8pm-Midnight
Hall     £50     £60           N/A       £55       £65            £85
Gym     £50     £60           N/A       £55       £65            £85
Field     £40     £45            N/A       £45      N/A            N/A
Dance Studio      £35     £45           £45      N/A       £55            £65
Science Room     £35     £45           £45      N/A       £55           £65
Insurance: If the hirer does not have liability insurance cover of minimum £5m, we offer LBB insurance at an additional cost of 10% of the total hire cost.

Locking/Unlocking Fees: If the school is hired during out-of-school hours, a fee of £25 may be applicable for opening and closing the school.

Late Termination:  A minimum charge of an hour will be charged due to late finish.

Indemnity Charge: An £100/250 refundable payment indemnity must be paid in addition to the invoice total.