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Frith Manor School

Nurture - Inspire - Challenge

We teach a broad, balanced curriculum and place a high emphasis on developing basic skills in Mathematics and English to ensure our children are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

We follow the primary National Curriculum but where possible try to deliver as many of the key skills through a termly theme. We encourage active learning and enhance the curriculum whenever possible by planning visits out and inviting visitors in.

Our Learning

We aim to nurture, inspire and challenge our pupils.  

Most of the classroom subjects are covered by the statutory National Curriculum, but we also teach skills, attitudes and dispositions for learning which we believe help us meet our vision for the education of the children here. 

Whatever the subject, children are taught through a variety of teaching styles and approaches. Children are encouraged to work cooperatively as a member of the class or a group, or as an individual. They may work with children of a similar ability or in mixed ability groups. We ensure through planning, resourcing and differentiation that every child has equal access to the curriculum.

We teach children to understand themselves as learners and use assemblies to celebrate their learning achievements.

Nurture, Inspire, Challenge

We Nurture

  • Effective circle time
  • Opportunities to listen to each other
  • Explicit teaching of PSHE skills
  • Clear and consistent use of the strategies for good behaviour
  • Providing opportunities for older children to lead activities for younger children
  • Pupils taking responsibility within classes and school
  • Using language that ensures children feel valued
  • Acknowledging children’s feelings
  • Providing challenging, open-ended activities
  • Supporting children to succeed through sharing targets and celebrating progress towards them
  • Explicit teaching of a range of positive learning behaviours including perseverance
  • Learning about and celebrating role models of determination e.g. in sport, music
  • Building team spirit through a range of activities including competitive sports

We Inspire

  • Lessons that are relevant and purposeful
  • A varied curriculum with links made between subjects
  • Organising visits and visitors that stimulate and excite
  • Ensuring children feel ownership of their learning
  • Using the resources of the city and its creative community
  • Imaginative use of ICT
  • Ensuring there are opportunities to learn in a variety of different ways
  • Giving children opportunities to lead their own learning
  • Providing opportunities for children to perform

We Challenge

  • Knowing our pupils really well and through effective planning extending them beyond their capabilities.
  • The art of questioning for deeper learning.
  • Exploring our pupils natural curiosity for a subject and enhancing wherever possible
  • Making mistakes and then wanting to self improve.
In addition to teaching specific subjects, we teach, model and discuss a range of values which underpin our school vision and add to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of the children here. We explicitly draw out the values of modern Britain to ensure the children in our care have the best possible start to being active and caring citizens.