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Frith Manor School

Parents Overview

Welcome to the Parents and Carers section of our website. 

The pages in this section are designed for those who have children attending Frith Manor, or who are looking for their children to join.  The pages give you quick access to many practical aspects of life at school.

Please let us know what you find most helpful and if there is anything else that would be useful in this area of the website. Feedback is always helpful so that we can improve the site.

Admissions - Getting Your Child a Place at Frith Manor

For information about getting a place for your child at Frith Manor, please look at the following page:


Getting Your Child Ready for School

To find out what children need to be wearing to school, the PE kit they need etc, look here:

Uniform and Other Clothing

Start, End and Break Times

Details of the school day, such as start and end times can be found here: School Day, Attendance & Punctuality (Parents menu tab)

What to do if your child is unable to attend school for some reason is described here: Absence and Sickness (Parents menu tab)

Midday Meals, Snacks

Children at Frith Manor have a midday meal, either a school dinner or packed lunch.    How does the school know whether my child has school dinners or will have a packed lunch?  Can I see the menu for the school dinners so that I can talk my child through what to choose?   How do I pay for school dinners?

Food and Drink 

 Mobile Phones and Children

Please read our document that gives guidance on the use of mobile phones by children attending Frith Manor.

PTA - Parent Teacher Association

A vibrant feature of our school is the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and as a Parent or Carers of a child at Frith Manor, you are a member. More information about the PTA and you can help keep it vibrant is available here:  PTA (Parent Teacher Association)