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Frith Manor School

In Year Admissions

This page is for you if you are wanting to make an application for children to join Frith Manor Primary school at a time other than at the start of the Reception year.  To start in reception, see the Reception Admissions page.

Application via Barnet School Admissions Office

The waiting list for children to join Frith Manor Primary School is administered by the London Borough of Barnet (LBB) admissions team. 

 Parents for children to start in Reception can apply online at: 

or by ringing the Barnet Schools Admissions office on 020 8359 7651 to request an application form.

Frith Manor's admission policy is the London Borough of Barnet, with priority given as follows:

  • children in local authority care and children with special educational needs.
  • children with brothers and sisters already
  • those living in close proximity to the school.

Please see Priority Area Map below:

The London Borough of Barnet calculate distance to school as:

“Distance is measured in a straight line between the address point for the child’s home, supplied by Ordnance Survey, to the school’s main gate using the Council’s computerised geographical information system”

The map below gives a 'rough' guidance to the catchment area. Please note these boundaries should not be taken as final. The decision will be taken by Barnet Council.

Frith Manor's Admission Arrangements through Barnet LA


Admission Forms

The forms in this section are those that to be completed once a place has been accepted at Reception. 

There are no documents to display at present.