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Frith Manor School

Reception Admissions 2022-23

This page is for you if you are choosing which school to apply for your child to join reception in September 2022 or looking for information on how to apply for a place..

Frith Manor Primary School Reception

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General Information About Applying for a School Place

INFORMATION - A_guide_to_Primary_Education_in_Barnet - 2023

INFORMATION - Applying_with_the_eAdmissions_System


Application via Barnet School Admissions Office

Children start in Reception  in the September before they turn 5 years old.

The waiting list for children to join Frith Manor Reception is administered by the London Borough of Barnet (LBB) admissions team. 

 Parents for children to start in Reception can apply online at: 

or by ringing the Barnet Schools Admissions office on 020 8359 7651 to request an application form.

Frith Manor's admission policy is the London Borough of Barnet, with priority given as follows:

  • children in local authority care and children with special educational needs.
  • children with brothers and sisters already
  • those living in close proximity to the school.

Please see Priority Area Map below:

The London Borough of Barnet calculate distance to school as:

“Distance is measured in a straight line between the address point for the child’s home, supplied by Ordnance Survey, to the school’s main gate using the Council’s computerised geographical information system”

The map below gives a 'rough' guidance to the catchment area. Please note these boundaries should not be taken as final. The decision will be taken by Barnet Council.

Frith Manor's Admission Arrangements through Barnet LA

Welcome to Reception 2023

For those who have accepted a place for a child in Reception at Frith Manor School for September 2023.  We very much look forward to working in partnership with you to secure the best education for your child.

Here we provide information and answer any queries you may have through the documents on this web page. We set out dates of events we are holding to help settle your child into Reception.  We strongly encourage you to attend all of these events to support your child make a smooth transition into school.  

We have contacted all families via email If you have not received this email please telephone the school office - 0208 346 2388  or email  

Attached to your email is the link to a questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire to share information about your child that will support us to plan the classes well - we aim to create 2 equal classes, taking into consideration the age, gender and needs of the children we will be welcoming.  Press the link in the email to complete the questionnaire.

The Reception team are contactable using the email

Please don’t hesitate to email any queries, questions or concerns as we will be more than happy to help.

Meeting to Introduce our Reception Induction Process

Parents and Carers (please do not bring children to this event) to a meeting are invited to a meeting on Wednesday 28th June 2023 at 7pm in the school hall. We strongly recommend all parents attend this meeting. You will:

  • be given important information about starting school
  • find out which class your child will be placed in
  • meet the teachers and teaching assistants who will be working with your child
  • given your child’s date and time for their in-school visit
  • given your child's start date and time (as part of the staggered start system (see below)
  • given a date and time for your Stay and Play session

have the opportunity to ask questions and to visit the reception classrooms

Stay and Plays 

We have planned class visits for you to bring your child to ‘Stay and Play’.

The stay and play dates will either be in the morning or afternoon of Monday 10th July and Monday 11th September 2023.  You and your child come together to explore and play in their Reception classroom and outdoor area, getting to know staff, the environment and some of their new class members.

One visit is before the summer break so that the children can visualise where they will be going when you talk to them about school in preparation for starting. The second visit is in September just before they start.

Transition Meetings 

Home Visits: If your child has not attended Frith Manor Nursery the 2 staff will come and visit you and your child at home, where they are most comfortable, to meet you and have a chat. Your home visit date will either be on the 5th, 6th or 7th September 2023.

Welcome meetings: If your child has attended Frith Manor Nursery ‘Little Oaks’ we will invite you to a short personal meeting in school with the class teacher. Your welcome meeting date will be on the 8th September 2023.  This is an opportunity for us to find out about your child. It gives you the opportunity to talk to us about your child, ask any questions and get to know us. 

Induction - starting at school

 As part of our Transition and Induction Programme for Reception Children we operate a staggered start system over the first week.  

First Week: We will be starting children between the 12th and 14th September 2023.  The children will start in groups of 7 or 8 and will spend their first session just in that group, becoming familiar with the setting and the routines etc. This enables us to spend extra time with all children and their families at this very important, very exciting and sometimes worrying time.  

In their next session their group will join together with the other children who have started until the whole group of 30 are together on the morning of Thursday 1th September 2023.  

In the second round (beginning Friday 15th September 2023) each group of 7 or 8 will progressively begin to stay for lunch and in the third week (beginning Wednesday 20th September) build up to staying full-time within this week.

We treat each child as an individual with their settling and, in consultation with you, we may decide that your child needs longer to settle in, to feel secure and manage the longer day.