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Frith Manor School

W i d e n i n g Horizons

W   i d  e  n  i  n  g  Horizons  is a curriculum initiative introduced to give children across the school the opportunity to try things out of their year group curriculum and with children from classes across the age ranges. 

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For 6 weeks each term, children will:

  • Choose from a menu of options an activity to attend with around 15 others for a period of 6 week,
  • Gather in the gym each Friday at 2:10pm to be taken by their group leader.
  • Undertake the activity for 50minutes
  • Return to the gym for 3:05pm ready to be back in class by 3:10pm to prepare to go home for the weekend.

The initiative will strengthen our school community in many ways:

  • Older children will support younger children as most activities will include children from Y2 to Y6. (Y1 will run a Widening Horizon style activity each Friday afternoon in their year group in the Autumn term; later in the academic year, Y1 may join with the main Widening Horizon sessions,)
  • Children can experience learning with children from other classes.
  • Children can choose from a programme of activities offered by teaching staff, support staff and others in our school community including parents and those running clubs.
  • Adults have a place in curriculum time into which they can bring passions, talents and experience to inspire our children.

Mrs Lauren Smith has experience of running a similar initiative in another school, where she introduced the scheme after seeing it in action during an inspiring visit to Australia.  Her experience has helped us architect the programme at Frith Manor and get it off to a good start,

Can You Help?

For each cycle of Widening Horizons, the more adults we have that can offer an activity, the more choice we can offer our children, and the smaller each group can be.  Should you have a skill or passion you could offer a group of children for 6 weeks, please consider volunteering.

Teachers Miss Shipway and Mrs Engelhardt are the coordinators for this programme, and they would be pleased to discuss any ideas you have to take part.  Please contact them via the school office.

 Example Activities

|| Aerobics ||  American Football || 

|| Badminton || Cartoon club ||

|| Cooking || Curling || Drama || 

|| European art || Gardening ||

|| Girls Football || Graphic design ||

|| Irish Dancing || Mathematical art ||

|| Meccano || Orienteering || Origami ||

|| Scrapbook collaging || Singing || 

|| Speedstacks || Zumba ||